Millo’s Lifestyle on WordPress Finale: LITTLE BLACK DRESS

Thank God it’s officially Friiiiiiiday!

I hope you all had a great week in school or work… or in general 🙂

I’ve had quite the week and I’m glad the week is over so that I can study in peace for my last 2 exams.

 Anyway, as I had mentioned in my previous post, I found that a huge chunk of my images on my posts are missing. It’s been a really disheartening experience as a lot of planning, time and effort goes into making images appealing for the blog posts and I cried a little to be honest. As I have been unable to get much assistance to fix the whole issue, I have decided to not get my knickers in a bunch and view the whole situation a bit more positively.

(I would like to thank Kanye, Anderson Paak and my Legislative Drafting Assignment for keeping my head occupied during this period)

I’d therefore like to put out there that this is my LAST post on this domain of

I will not be out of the blogging game for good though! A new website and overall new blogging look is in the works and I will hopefully re-launch by either the end of this month or mid next month.

I’m excited! Are you? I’m upset I have to leave behind all my followers and likes and comments, but I’m viewing this as a step to a better blog with even better content (And better security plug-ins).

Back to the post on The NUMBER ONE STAPLE!


I absolutely love this little number! It’s short (which I love!) and goes with literally everything!


It’s a little black skater dress with a teeny-bit of off-the-shoulder action.

I paired it with simple beaded bracelets,


My favourite black fedora hat,


My maroon velvet choke and black and gold sunnies,


A BIG smile,


Oh, and my extremely comfortable black and white trainers that I wear with EVERYTHING these days.


These shots were all taken by my mother in our backyard by the way 🙂 I think they turned out quite nice.

Outfit Details

Dress, Hat, Trainers and Sunglasses – Purchased at Adams Arcade for less than Kshs. 500 each 🙂



Thank you all for your support. I’ve moved from taking photos from a random camera and following up with barely any editing, to becoming a blogger that has been exposed to so so many opportunities and partnerships that I honestly couldn’t have imagined would be possible when I started this blog.

It’s been real and I hope I’ll feel your support with the ‘RE-BRAND’!

Should I have a party when I do? I don’t know… Let me know if you think I should. Any excuse to party is just fine with me, lol 🙂

Also, let me know which of my posts on this site stood out for you!

Is there more of something you would like to see me post more of? Do you think I should change the blog’s name altogether? So so many decisions and I can’t help but be a bit ‘hype’! I really am excited for the change and I hope you are too 🙂


See you all on the flip-side!


Wait, here are some dancing gifs… As I dance my way out of this domain 🙂

Love y’all!





I realized that the images on alot of my posts have been permanently deleted and I will need to re-upload them :/

Seeing as all this has happened and it will take me ages to re-upload the images as they were on the blog, I’ve decided to get my own website with my own domain and everything (Yes I know, it’s about damn time!).

I will upload my last and final post on this Friday and hopefully launch the new website by the end of this month.

I am honestly so mad at the need to do things this urgently but I’m rolling with the punches and being positive on the whole new step into making Millo’s Lifestyle bigger and much much better 🙂

Again, sorry for the lack of photos on some posts! Here’s a sneak peek of the next post to keep you slightly occupied from this whole occurrenceDSC_0680


Bear with me 🙂


Sheer x Lace -OOTD


How’d your week start out? Mine was full of figures and money… It was full of studying for my Accounting for Lawyers unit. All I can say is, it takes a whole lot more effort for lawyers to gel right with mathematics.

Anyway, I’m in great spirits and I hope you are too!

I felt the need to post this look simply because I felt that I had out done my OOTD (Outfit of the day) today.





As usual, most of the items I have on are thrifted from Toi Market.


All except my pumps and my beautiful  purple sheer top!


I remember when I was straight out of high school and chiffon tops were the MUST HAVE. I’d wear a colourful bra under a sheer top or blouse and feel nothing. Now that I am older and have a clearer mind, lol, I don’t move around with sheer tops that show too much.

However, since the sheer trend is back on the scene like it never left, I have a few sheer tops that I rcently purchased; one of which I wore today.

Not comfortable about dressing like Camille circa university freshman? Try pairing a sheer top or blouse with a bralette, vest or lace body suit underneath.


I paired the sheer top with my lace bodysuit underneath, a pair of grey semi-highwaisted skinny jeans and


My favourite cold-day trench.



Outfit Details

Sheer Long-sleeved top – House of Fel

Black Pumps – Instagram Boutique

Grey Jeans, Belt, Trench Coat and Bodysuit – Thrifted

Thanks for passing by and have an amazing week.purp7.jpg

Shall post more lifestyle and edgier look book posts right after my finals 🙂

The Top Ten Songs In My Feel Good Playlist


Hope your week’s going well. Mine sure isn’t.

With all the stress of my finals, assignments, revision as well as balancing my personal life with some projects I am privately working on (Don’t get me started on how my social life is non-existent at the moment), I take at least 15 minutes everyday to walk around for a bit and thereafter lie on my bed and unwind. Not by taking a nap, but by listening to some of my favourite feel good tunes that get me out of lethargy and/or exhaustion.

Here are my top ten;

*Disclaimer; I listen to EVERYTHING (mostly). So none of these are part of one particular genre… It’s a mix of everything and may seem all over the place.*

10. Chemistry by Tetu Shani x Mayonde (Produced by Jinku)

I am a HUGE fan of both Mayonde and Jinku and whenever either of them releases something new, I am ON IT! When I heard this song on Soundcloud, I was hooked and played it on loop for literally over an hour. It’s made me listen to a lot of Tetu Shani, as well as loads of different producer’s works (due to the numerous remixes of the song).


9. Girlfiend by NAO

Actually, her ENTIRE album, For all we know, is absolute fire (Or as my friend would say, it is ‘Actual fire emojis’).

The vocals, the mellow yet slightly sultry vibe as well as the amazing beat has me imagining for a man too (Which is what the song is about, basically, don’t get it twisted).

It’s beautiful and so is her album (and all her other singles honestly) so I definitely recommend this artist to you all.

8. Someone That Loves You by HONNE and Izzy Bizu

Can I define a song as cute? I will anyway, even though the song is about a love triangle. Izzy Bizu’s silvery voice is great with the Electric-soul beat that Honne is commonly known for.

Give it a listen and check out the video on YouTube as well. (It’s an emotional ride that video.)

7. Without by Sampha

I know I know,I’m late with this one. But Sampha and his album Dual are great and this song is my favourite. I feel extremely nostalgic once I hear it, for some reason.

6. Night Job by Bas ft J Cole

The vibe and beats – 100

The flow from both rappers – 100

I would like to thank my brother Karl for playing me Too High To Riot (Bas’s album that I have now downloaded and mastered all lyrics from) and getting me hooked on this song.

If you are a fan of Dreamville or rap generally, you need to have this song, as well Too high to riot, on all your electronics. I mean your phone, your laptop, your flash disks (all of them) your SD Cards, your CD’s, your floppy disks… ALL of them.

5. Bad by Tiwa Savage ft Wizkid

When I take a break from listening to Beyonce, I like listening to this queeeeen Tiwa. This song, featuring Wizkid, is best listened to with earphones and has some bad (the good type {oxymoron alert}) lyrics that make me feel all the way bossy. The video has me extremely lookbook inspired too!

‘You can get fly with me baby, or not’

4. Consideration by Rihanna ft SZA

This is, and has been for a long time, my favourite single off ANTI.

I’m still waiting on Rihanna to shoot the video for this song for the world to enjoy.

3. Omo Alhaji by Ycee

Simply because;

i) It makes me want to dance and gets me really hype and,

ii) The fact the song basically says, ‘Omo (baby)who’s your daddy? Is he a chairman or is he an alahji? I can tell u really like to faji (fun/enjoy). Eti mope (You know) I’m the life of the party.  It’s omo Alahji, Somethin’


2. Blue Suede by Vince Staples

I am a big Vince Staples fan and play this, Norf Norf, Screen Door and Senorita almost every day. I know it’s definitely not something you’d expect me to listen to but sound is different. It’s gangsta rap, yes, but I dig it and listen to it almost religiously.

If you like rap, go check out his album Hell Can Wait (That’s what I’ve been listening to a lot lately).

1. Shauri Yako(Nguashi N’timbo cover) by Jim Chuchu

When I was younger, my granddad and his brother used to play a lot of Nguashi N’timbo and I was fond of hearing Bolingo Pasi, Mama, Shauri Yako as well as a lot of songs from Tabu Ley, Mbilia Bel, Les Wanyika…. I’m getting nostalgic and losing the plot.

Anyway, I enjoyed rhumba and a lot of Zilizopendwas at some point of my life and knew of Shauri Yako. This AMAZING cover by this brilliant artiste is completely different from the original. In a great way. I cant describe it in words but the first time I heard the cover, I got goosebumps. Actual goosebumps that were accompanied with nostalgia, happiness and smiles. Everything about it is lovely and I listen to it EVERY single day.

My granddads would approve too 🙂

My music sense is a mish-mash of everything, so if you do find something you think you may like, click on the song links 🙂

Also follow me on SoundCloud HERE and see all the great music (I believe) that I share on an almost regular basis.

Thanks for passing by 🙂


Short and Dressy

Photography By : Mark Getata

Hey guys!

 I apologize for the week of absence. I had intended to post on a slightly controversial topic but I decided to do that some time next week when my schedule is not as crazy as it is now.

Hope you’re week was good though!

Today’s post is short, just like all my dresses are 🙂


My cute little floral dress was the day’s look.


It has a bit of a sheer printed floral overlay that lies over a black layer,


It also has the funkiest back that reminds me that I have tattoos!


I paired the dress with my current favourite accessory; a small black velvet choker.


A simple pair of floral diamante earrings,


And a pair of strappy black heels.


I also threw in a black wrap… You know, to be covered just in case it got cold (See what I did there?).




Floral Dress – Thrifted from Toi Market

Black Wrap – Borrowed Indefinitely from my mother

Black Strappy Heels – Thrifted

Choker – Mr. Price Kenya (In a set of 3 for Kshs. 400)

Earrings – Dubois Road (In a set of 3 for Kshs. 50)


Thanks for passing by!

Hope to see some of you at Koroga Festival this Sunday! Otherwise, have an amazing weekend 🙂


The Perfect Pair Of Skorts


I literally just slept 4 hours ago and I woke up to MONDAY! That’s okay though; we all have a new slate to start with and be even more productive than we were last week!

The Urban dictionary has the BEST definition of Skorts;

A skirty sort of shorts. Something that appears to be a skirt of knee-length or shorter, but which includes an integral boxer-like lining of shorts to protect the modesty of the wearer. The term can be either singular or plural when referring to a single item of this clothing.

You’ll probably remember them from your days in primary and high school during sports.

I got the perfect pair of non-sports skorts the other day and I was so excited about them, I did this post!


These pair are 4 of my favourite things; short, floral, asymmetrical and SHORT!

Plus they show my legs off and I appreciate that 🙂


Since it had a lot going for it, I paired the skorts with a plain black vest,


An oversized denim shirt (To sort of make it decent enough to wear to places OTHER than the beach),


And I lastly put on a pair of brown strappy heels.


I would definitely wear this get up to any location near the beach, or even a cool local festival or concert.


Also,to make this outfit even more casual, I would throw on a pair of sandals or trainers instead.


* Floral asymmetrical skorts – House of Fel (Link to page HERE) *

House of Fel has the most affordable and edgy clothes and shall be opening a store at Hurlingham soon! Shall keep you all posted.

* Black Vest – Asos (Thrifted) *

* Oversized denim skirt – Thrifted *

* Strappy heels- Thrifted *


Thanks for passing by!


Bises :*

Easy Breezy

Happy Friday everyone!

I write this in bed consumed by a homa (a cold/flu) that has come from NOWHERE and decided to attack me with full force -_-

I mean, I enjoy spending time, all warm and cozy, in my bed, but not under these circumstances. However, with flugone and a small dose of celestamine , I’ll be good by tonight… I hope…


The other day I was trying to put together an outfit for a casual date I had and two hours into outfit-pairing I was stumped! It was the first date I’ve had in a while and I was stuck while trying to pick out the “right” outfit.

Do I try and look cool and edgy with an all black ensemble? Or do I look mature and sultry? After a while,I realized it would be best to put on something I’d be easy (i.e. comfortable) and happy in.

Heeeeeence, today’s post;


I went with the cool-girl-next-door look; that got me a bunch of compliments! (WIN!!)


What’s cuter than a black off-the-shoulder top? A white one with an edge!



I paired this cute little top with a pair of pale blue, ankle-lengthed skinny jeans,


My white and gold heels,


A little emerald green cross-body bag.


And a good ol’ positive attitude!


So, here’s a quick tip for a date outfit.

Wear something you feel easy (i.e. comfortable) and free in. It’s not a job interview and it’s also not a night out in the club; so try and stay away from clothes that are too official or tooo sexy.

Instead, try and throw on one trendy piece and have everything else chic and simple.

It’s not about trying to look like “You didn’t try too hard” but trying to look “Effortlessly glam“!



White top with shoulder cut-outs- Thrifted

Pale blue jeans- Selfridges

Heels- Zoom

Emerald green cross-body bag- Thrifted


Thanks for passing by!

Bises :*